Hello, greetings from Maqk [Muhammad Abdul Qadir Khan]. The way my name is put like that is for your own ease . This short encapsulation also saves me from just being called Qadir :D

Software Engineering is my bread and butter. I have a total of 4 years of experience in software development. From last two years, I am surfing over the ERP Sea using the Dynamics AX boat :D. Put simply, I have been a technical consultant for Dynamics AX platform in all this duration. 
My current focus is  ERP development, specifically Dynamics AX 2012 as the product to learn technically while ERP as general to learn from functional perspective. One of the reason to have this blog is to facilitate this learning experience. 

I am also looking for an MBA from abroad (US / UK) in the next 2 - 3 years  إن شاء الله‎ which will enhance me further for a Techno-Managerial post. For a great success in my MBA, I am keen to develop ERP functional knowledge including all the basic horizontals (Financials, SCM, Production). From then on, I can see my self much more successful in the ERP consultancy domain

As a person

 what describes me more realistically is my twitter tag line: 
Flashing LEDs, birds & beasts, Shahid Afridi's brand of cricket, Ferrari RED, madZizouFan, and an honest strive to find out the REAL BIG TRUTH

Why blogging

Over the years, I have discovered blogging a great way to 
  • Bookmark your own learnings for future reference
  • Share it with the people around the globe
  • Add into the knowledge sharing stream
  • And finally a great way to stand out of the box too :D

To benefit the whole world from the above four points, I am keen to keep my blog ever green. Thanks for visiting my blog. For any queries, just email Maqk® 

Note: The ® symbol is just for fun and impression, that should not bother you at all


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