From UI to......... User Experience, resources shared

maqk® by MolviDSLR Khan | 6:45 PM

AJAX makes your UI more responsive, adding the richness in the application and Interactivity for the joy of end user. We have already moved from UI to User Experience now - Now we dont create UIs, we create Rich Interactive User Experience - FOr which one of the choice for the developers is AJAX. I will also highlight JQuery in t his regards but currently my focus is on AJAX.

I am implementing AJAX through MS AJAX Control Tollkit and AJAX Extensions. Not getting in any further techy details, the scheme is simple

We have a 'UpdatePanel', we have 'Triggers' and we have our code behind file whose code AJAX will call Aynchrosously.

At this point, I wanna tell you guys when i tried to start AJAX, it became so difficult for me because no resource on the internet actually defined straight away what this update panel has to do with AJAX. Actually i was a started from w3schools where you make the XmlHTTPRequest object, chk for browser compatibility, launch a request to a 3rd 'bridge' server page and then get your html result in your defined area. This was ok but not cool. Nothiung thats not pretty and also makes you work hard (for not much actually) is not cool i think.

So with all these contexts, whenever i tried to start AJAX control toolkit thing, I stucked in the update panel control not getting its purpose at all. More will be edited shortly, currently i have the following to share, yes once again, a link


At this page, you can get 10s of animated progress bars (gifs) to use with your update progress control. Along with thism i would like to mention the search  strings that are: 'progress', 'loading' and 'progess transparent'


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