3 Awesome MUST HAVE utilities for developers

maqk® by MolviDSLR Khan | 10:54 PM

Enough of code, lets see what can ease out our jobs, enhance our routines, and make us more productive.I am always looking around for automation freebies and I think I am good at google :). Of course there are tons of freebies out there but not all of them are useful at the same level. This also depends on your approach, how smart you think and your over all personality.

I have come up with 3, yes 3 good utilities each of them is a must have for any QA, Developer or techy personal. No more time wasting words, straight away Name, Description and location lolz

  • Clipx - smart clipboard manager. Ctrl + Shift + V loads a light weight list of 25 slots of last 25 clipboard objects. And surely it can hold the last 25 t-sql snipets that you were just playing with. Imagine keeping all of them in your control, and using any of it anytime. I have already become so addict towartds it. THe greatest thinks is that it keeps snapshots, files, folders, any thing that clipboard supports so far in my experience. A MUST HAVE No doubt, download it here -http://bluemars.org/clipx/clipx-
  • AutoHotKey - Well alot of my sql snipets come from it since it can catch the keystrokes and replaces your configured value for it. But thats not even half of waht it can do for you. Define complex keystrokes to do things with your system, open programs, do alot. However I have used it as a smart text replacer and it has really started serving me awesomely. I type large favorite urls by just typing short aliases. One can even use it for email templates etc, depends how smart you are to use ;). Get it here - http://www.autohotkey.com/download/ 
  • Folder Guide - Folder lookup plugin - Loads when File Open dialog appears or in context menu and provides a list of your selected folders. Clicking on them opens or redirects to that folder. Simply Astonishing if you are used to of Folders and file management. However I believe folder guide may slow your machine provided lots of folders configured to appear in the list. Get it here - http://www.freeware365.com/download/FGSetup.exe
So what are you waiting for, go for them, they are gonna turn your life into HELLLLL coooool, lolz :)


Maqk said...

discussing further about ClipX, it took me ages to discover that I would like some clips to remain there for ever, just searched and found that the wonderfull ClipX support via a plugin called "Stickies".

Download here and get going: http://bluemars.org/clipx/clipx-stickies-1.9-x86.exe

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