How to setup Android Development Environment

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Yes its quite far away from the shadows of dotnet, yet its all about software. ehm ehm apps development. We divide our this post in w major sections:
  • Android Development Setup
  • Hello World program

Following are the ingredients you need to setup the Android Development Environment on your machine (I am not covering system requirements specific issue in this topic, I am supposing u know whats the difference b/w x86 x64, similarly Windows against Mac / OSX and Linux, the links below will be good for Windows 7 on x86 machine)
First of all (after making sure enough disk space lolz, my environment currently has 2.06 GB for Android SK, 200+MB for JDK and 289 MB for Eclipse)

Install the Android SDK, it requires JDK, so if u dont have it, the setup detects this and mentions for a download with download location provided in the setup navigation. Then you need to get an IDE, their are several, i m using eclipse and it would be ok.

Next is to enable your IDE (Eclipse in our case) for Android Development. Why do we need tp do this step explicitly is that Eclipse wont come with Android template installed in default. So you have to make it. For this, open Eclipse, GO to Help → Install new software. Following dialog will appear

paste https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ in the Work with text box
This will update the listbox below
Select all / relevant updates

Once this is done, go to Windows → Preferences, you should see Android option in the left list box. Select it. This will load the following dialog.

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Provide the sdk location, apply and ok. This should complete your environment setup walkthrough. To ensure your Android SDK is integrated in your Eclipse IDE, select Window from the Eclipse main menu and u should see the new Android SDK option available, see image below;

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