Custom code snippets in AX 2012

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Blogging is all about sharing, specially when you are a technical blogger. And sharing is caring. That said, my last blog was related to the class DictTable that provides metadata about an AOT Table. This class also has a method that returns a table buffer (common) on providing a valid table id.

There is a series of Dict classes including DictIndex and DictField. You can do wonders with these classes as they are there to do wonders. One of the wonders is just about to be shared and with no more wait, here it is:

Code Snippets in AX 2012

The post is great, just they did not mentioned that you may need to restart Dynamics AX AOS which i had to to get all gears running and all code working :)

The whole story is about two classes
  • xppSource (holds the code that on runtime, generates the text you want to appear as a template)
  • EditorScripts (calls the xppSource method when an option selected from Script menu or TAB hit after short code typed)

There are other good posts on similar topics as well like


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