AX 2012 R3 SSRS: publishreportcommand network name cannot be found

SSRS report deployment gives error, "The network name cannot be found."


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When deploying a SSRS report, you may come across the error. This error will occur while deploying report(s) through AOT as well as using PowerShell scripts.

Experience tells us that such issues may occur if service accounts (AOS, BC proxy, Workflow) are wrongly configured. In our scenario, we had to reconfigure and put the newly provided service accounts. As a result, the reporting services crashed. We made sure all the practices related to configuring system service accounts are met. However we kept getting this error. report deployment were attempted both using AOT and PowerShell

Thanks to sharing, the coolest caring. we cam to know the following link that clearly mentioned the reason of this issue.


In the post, the user uses the verbose modifier in the publish command in PowerShell to get more details. That yields that a network shared location access is attempted by the script. Now the question is, if such access is available or not. As a resolution, providing the C drive (reporting services server) as network shared resource resolved the issue.



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