ProjUnpostedTransView-Field WorkerName is not compatible with field WorkerName


This post provides insight about a synchronize error received during full AOT for AOT view 'ProjUnpostedTransView' and its resolution.


ProjUnpostedTransView: Synchronize database There is a field mismatch in the union query. Field WorkerName is not compatible with field WorkerName.

Audience:  Dynamics AX 2012 (FP, R2 R3) X++ Developers, Functional and Technical consultants and advanced users


We have been facing this issue since day one of our installation of AX 2012 R3 (RTM). Build numbers are as follows;

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (RTM)
Kernel version:
Application version:


When synchronizing the full AOT, the following errors come

followed by...


As per mentioned in the synchronize database error (1), all the errors have come in the View, 'ProjUnpostedTransView'. Exploring the same yields the composition of the view on following sub views.

  1. ProjLedgerJournalTransUnpostedView
  2. TrvExpTransDistributionsUnposted
  3. ProjJournalTransFeeUnpostedView
  4. projCustInvoiceLineDistsUnpostedView
  5. ProjJournalTransHourUnpostedView
  6. ProjProdJournalRouteUnpostedView
  7. InventJournalTransUnpostedView
  8. ProjProdJournalBOMUnpostedView
  9. VendInvoiceInfoLineDistributionsUnposted
  10. ProjOnAccTransUnpostedView
  11. ProjIntercompanyUnpostedExpView
  12. TSUnpostedTimesheetLinesAllView
  13. ProjIntercompanyUnpostedTSView
  14. ProjIntercompanyUnpostedVendInvLineView
Data sources (Views) with mismatching EDTs in their field, WorkerName

Each of these views comprise of one or more tables. And each of these views as a data source has the HCMWorker data source with in further relating to DirPartyTable to fetch the worker name. Closely monitoring each of them reveals that the following four data sources were returning null for the worker name. Obviously the logic implemented would have required the field (since a union query) to have a consistent schema returned. Further to returning null, the fields were provided the extended type, "Name" which was different from what is returned from DirPartyTable Name field which extends "DirPartyName" extended type.  

Data sources with inconsistent extended types

  1. projCustInvoiceLineDistsUnpostedView
  2. ProjProdJournalBOMUnpostedView
  3. ProjInventJournalTransUnpostedView
  4. ProjOnAccTransUnpostedView

Due to this EDT mismatch, the AOT framework was giving errors.

Providing the correct extended type of DirPartyName to the WorkerName fields for each of these views made the schema fully consistent, hence error removed.

NOTE: These corrections are to be made in each view used as a datsource and in the field section

I am unable to find if its a R3 RTM original issue or what, cause i have not been able to find any corresponding hotfix. If any of the readers have any idea, kindly share it with me.

Thanks :)


Bilal Y jawarneh said...

Hi Abdulqadir

I Think this is a common Error (Bug) in CU1 , Thanks for Suggesting this solution.

albloshi said...

It was helpful. Thank you.

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