AX 7: #AX7SERIES X++ Devs welcome To Visual Studio

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#AX7SERIES: Welcome To Visual Studio


This post is the first on the series of AX7 which will feature introduction and the underlying changes


Visual Studio developers, Dynamics AX 2012 (FP, R2 R3) X++ Developers, Technical consultants and advanced users

Since you know that AX7 is out for first look and demos, And the good thing for the all time old school devs is, the long awaited VS integration is here. AX 7 development is completly shifted  on Visual Studio. Now since all the old school VS Devs (including me of course) are so fond of the VS IDE (which is probably the best IDE there is), think how cool, quick and smart the work would get when its all done in VS. 

Secondly, we have some new things to learn as the framework has just been upgraded a little bit. Obviously not a very big change compared to the 2009 - 2012 transition, but not a small one either.

Take this for example, all new development artifacts would be stored on local dev machine in the form of files. Quite contrasting to AX 2012 isn't it.

With VS 2015+ as the version for development, the performance requirements have also plussed. The same is illustrated in the following snapshot taken from one of the official training videos on DLP

AX7 Development - Visual Studio requirements

To cater all this, we need a deep study of all such changes and the new things introduced. This is why we have started the new AX7 series which will cater all of this to be shared on this blog. So stay tuned #DAX7ers.

BY THE WAY Enjoy some cool links in the end



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