Country Region codes in Dynamics AX 2012 R2

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The hierarchy of License Codes and Configuration Keys have one more far related cousin to mention here, The Country Region Code. I have just figured out this relation due to the nature of both being the same, Enable / Disable functionality. 

License Codes toggle features. Configuration Keys toggle various functionalities inside the boundaries of those features. Country / Region Codes toggle what? The answer to this is nothing from out of the box but neither is my topic to discuss here. 

Country / Region Codes can perhaps toggle both features and functionalities inside, but based on what ? is my topic. Again its simple so lets keep it simple. A picture worth a million words, or sometimes even more than that :)

Country / Region Codes - Applicable at both Table and Field levels

The question is how do they apply in AX 2012 ? Previously to toggle country region specific functionality, country region configuration keys were provided. In R2, those keys are still there, but they don't toggle any thing, because regional functionality toggle is now seperately handled at country region codes. This CountryRegionCode attribute is applicable on tables, fields, EDTs, BaseEnums, Forms (fields and controls), Menus, Menu Items etc

From the above image, it is clear that we have a couple of country region code specific fields to apply a particular region code to an item. That means each item can have a list of country / region code on which it will be available. Now how to apply a country / region code to the running system ?  And which country / region code is currently active ? The answer to these very basic questions is the country location of the primary address of the currently active company. Let my quote Microsoft here :)

Features that are specific to a country or region are enabled and disabled based on the primary address of the legal entity. For more information, see Create or modify a legal entity. [src]
The country/region that you select for the primary address of the legal entity controls the country/region-specific features that are available for the legal entity. [src] 

Apart from all this, one more thing that you should know is that security keys are obsolete in AX 2012 R2. Click here for more.


Applying Country Specific Functionality [AX 2012]


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